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With Unparalleled Christmas Lighting and Exceptional Roofing. Apart from our Christmas lighting services, we also offer comprehensive roofing services, water drainage and mitigation, siding and gutter repairs, and much more. We are the top, local company ready to help!

At C&S Roofing, we believe that the magic of the holiday season deserves to be shared with brilliance and warmth. As your trusted partner for roofing and contracting excellence in East Texas, we are thrilled to offer our signature service: dazzling Christmas lighting that transforms homes into enchanting winter wonderlands. Our commitment to quality, creativity, and a touch of festive magic sets us apart and allows us to create unforgettable holiday moments for families and companies in Marshall, Grapeland, and other East Texas cities.

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Our range of services goes beyond roofs, aiming to enhance every aspect of your home or business. From crafting mesmerizing Christmas lighting displays to safeguarding your roof’s integrity, we have you covered.

Christmas Lighting

Illuminate the holiday spirit with our expert Christmas lighting service. Our creative team designs, installs, and maintains captivating displays that turn your home into a beacon of festive joy, spreading smiles and warmth throughout your neighborhood.

Residential Roof Remodeling and After Water Damage

Whether you're looking to remodel or repair your roof's appearance or your property needs restoration after water damage, our experts bring innovative solutions.

Water Mitigation

Quick and efficient water mitigation is essential to prevent further damage to your property. Our skilled professionals are here to address water-related issues promptly and effectively.

Gutters and Siding

From installations to repairs, we offer comprehensive services to keep your home's exterior in top condition. All you have to do is call!

Residential Roof Replacements

Trust our experienced team to provide seamless residential roof replacements that blend durability with impeccable craftsmanship. Your home's protection and curb appeal are our priorities.


Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures your roof's longevity and optimal performance. With our meticulous approach, we help you maintain the integrity of your investment.

Fascia and Soffit

Enhance your home's beauty and durability with C&S Roofing's fascia and soffit services. From seamless installations to essential repairs, we ensure your exterior remains both visually appealing and structurally sound.

Metal Roofs

If you are in need of metal roof installations, repairs, or replacements, our team has you covered. We have years of experience working with these efficient roofing systems.

Commercial Roofs

Protect your business and employees with a sturdy roof. We work with roofs of all sizes. Rest assured that your commercial roof will be repaired or replaced in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

Exposed and Hidden Fastener

Our exposed fastener services provide durable, visible fastening solutions, combining function and aesthetics seamlessly. On the other hand, our hidden fastener services offer a sleek, unobtrusive approach, enhancing both the look and longevity of your roofing project.


As a local, family-owned business deeply rooted in East Texas, we understand the values that drive our communities. Every project we undertake, whether it’s a stunning Christmas lighting display or a critical roofing repair, reflects our commitment to excellence and genuine care. Keep reading to learn more about our company!


Local Dedication

Being a part of the East Texas community allows us to connect with our neighbors on a personal level. We take pride in contributing to the beauty and resilience of our hometowns.

Family-Owned Values

Our family values form the foundation of our business. We treat each project as if it were for our own home, ensuring that every detail is attended to with the utmost care.

Quality Assurance

Quality is non-negotiable. We approach every project with a dedication to delivering exceptional results, whether it's creating a breathtaking Christmas lighting display or conducting a roofing repair.

Innovative Creativity

Our team of experts combines technical expertise with creative flair, ensuring that your Christmas lighting display stands out and your roofing needs are met with innovative solutions.


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Light Up Your Holidays with C&S Roofing


As the holiday season approaches and you envision a home aglow with festive enchantment, turn to C&S Roofing for a Christmas lighting experience like no other. From Marshall to Grapeland and throughout East Texas, we’re here to illuminate your holiday celebrations and elevate your home’s beauty. Contact us today to learn more about our Christmas lighting service or explore our comprehensive range of roofing and contracting solutions.