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Professional Christmas Light Installation: Top 3 Tips for 2022

So you’re considering professional Christmas light installation this year. Great idea. Every holiday season there’s an influx of injuries and trips to the emergency room as home and business owners get out on ladders and roofs.

Now, some Christmas lighting enthusiasts absolutely love installing their own holiday lighting. If that’s you, this blog post might not be the right fit (though we have some how-to articles coming soon). But if the thought of installing this year’s Christmas lights feels more tedious (or dangerous) than exciting, read on.

For you, hiring professionals to install your Christmas lights is a terrific idea. But just like DIY Christmas enthusiasts need to know the right techniques for designing and installing Christmas light displays, you need to know a few things about choosing a professional light installer.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the list of top 3 tips for hiring a professional Christmas light installer this year.

1 – Don’t Look for “Cheap”

Low bids can mean low quality. We always advise property owners to avoid cheap Christmas lights. If you buy cheap, you get cheap. The same is usually true of professional light installers. The cheapest installers are cheap for a reason — or multiple reasons. If you hire cheap, you’ll likely get a contractor with no design experience and limited installation experience.

Additionally, you might face some reliability issues. Some people figure the only qualification for being a Christmas light installer is owning an extension ladder. Avoid hiring anyone whose prices sound too good to be true. Chances are they don’t have a lot of experience, don’t consider design in their work, and—this is a big one — don’t understand basic electricity necessary to do the job safely. Cut-rate Christmas light installers can also be unreliable because this service is just something they do on the side, rather than as a full-time business with a reputation to uphold. If a low rate guy says he’ll be there on Saturday but loans his ladder to his brother-in-law on Friday, you’d be out of luck.

2 – Ensure They’re Insured

Installing holiday lights can be risky — which is probably a large part of the reason you’re not looking forward to doing the job yourself. There’s potential risk to life and limb but also a risk to property, too. It’s not typically something that deserves a lot of worry; but make certain that the professional you hire is insured.

Because it involves tall ladders and electricity, Christmas light installation comes with some obvious risks. These risks may be the reason you don’t want to do the installation yourself. Don’t hesitate to ask the installer you’re considering if they’re insured and the extent of the insurance carried. It’s not insulting by any means. It shows you’re a careful consumer. You should want to know that anyone working on your property has the protection of insurance.

3 – Ask for References

You get asked for references if you apply for a job. Why would it be different for professional installers that want you to hire? Any true pro that’s been in this business for a while will be happy to provide you with references.

So, ask how long they’ve been in business and ask them for references. Make sure your light installer has successfully worked for other people. Find out how long the installer/contractor has been in business and ask for as many references as they can provide.

It’s Almost Time!

If you’re hiring a pro holiday light installer, do your research and get on their schedule as soon as possible. Top installers have a lot of returning customers so calling early gives you the best chance at getting your lights up on time.

So once you’ve done some planning and have your installation scheduled, you can relax and enjoy the holiday season — and your professionally installed lights.

However you get those lights up and glowing, here’s wishing you a wonderful season enjoying them!

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